What sets Executive Errands® apart?

The primary concern homeowners have is 'who is in my house?' and 'how do I know what is happening when I am so far away?'

Executive Errands® understood these homeowner concerns from the very beginning. We knew there would be massive amounts of data that would grow exponentially as the business grew.

Tracking client tasks and time and schedules and..... Something had to be done quickly so clients would trust Executive Errands®. What many business owners don't understand is one must create a perception of value for clients and how is that accomplished?

  • You must have a way to track and house data so it is impeccable
  • You must have continuity and standardization of data entry, particularly time
  • You must have excellent and proactive communication skills
  • And you must under promise and over deliver

Here's how Executive Errands® creates value for our clients:

  • We have written policies and procedures so everything is done the same including emails and the format of time entry and the words we use
  • We utilize a data collection system, Essential ElementsTM, developed by our sister company Concierge Business Solutions Inc®. Essential ElementsTM operates on a management by exception philosophy so we always focus on the important action items.
  • All data for active clients is kept in perpetuity
  • Clients have their own portal access - offering full transparency in all we do
  • An automated alert email goes to the client as soon as a home check (or any task) is completed
  • We proactively communicate to clients good news as well as bad so they feel involved in their home
  • We invest in custom and higher end marketing collateral for professionalism
  • We follow all the rules including carrying Worker's Comp, Liability, Surety Bonds
  • We have a California General B Contractors license (#944447) so we can quote or facilitate any type of home maintenance or remodeling (big or small)
  • We cultivated a diverse and local set of Service Providers. We not only insist they are insured but also that they name Executive Errands® as Additionally Insured

Thank you for visiting our website - we look forward to working with you. Please feel free to email with suggestions, questions or comments. We're here for you and your feedback, testimonials and referrals are valuable tools we use to continually improve.