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At Executive Errands® we go beyond the usual, regular and customary to free up your life, enhance your Desert experience and to help protect your home investment while you're away. Here is what some of our clients have to say:

"Your service is like a drug! The more I use you, the more I need you, the more I HAVE to use you! Thank you for all you do for me!"
-Larry, Spokane, Washington

"Thanks for your service...the house was spotless...and your service during my away time was so much easier for me and my daughter than last year. I was pleased and will be getting back with you in the Spring"
-Gladys, Palm Springs, California

"[Executive Errands® is] a pleasure to deal with, always courteous and professional, and their recommended service providers have proved to be just the same. All work has been done to my great satisfaction"
-Nancy, Santa Monica, California

"I have used Executive Errands® since 2010. During this time they have completed [or facilitated] several jobs for me ranging from construction and plumbing needs, to a variety of handyman jobs [and absentee home check services]. The work was consistently completed entirely to my satisfaction by excellent quality employees. It’s great to have someone like Executive Errands® and their services available."
-Ruth, British Columbia, Canada

"Everything at our home was perfect when we returned.  Thanks so much for your excellent service."
-Beverly, Rancho Mirage, California

"I am extremely happy with the professionalism and responsiveness that the Executive Errands® staff provide.  Executive Errands® has arranged or performed services for me that include weekly laundry, house cleaning, personal shopping, pest control, carpet/upholstery cleaning, screen repair, dry cleaning, car maintenance, car washing, and RV detailing, to name a few. Whatever the need, no request is too large or small.  I appreciate their service and they have my complete trust and confidence.  I recommend them highly for any personal need or assistance you may require."
-John, La Quinta, California

Curious to see the vast array of services we offer? Call Customer Service at 760.898.9604 to request a copy of our new Homeowner Reference Brochure!

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