Specialty Services and Summer Insanity

Now this is where life gets interesting and fun. Executive Errands® offers wonderful Specialty Services. For example, we recently added an Interior Designer to our stable of services. Executive Errands® designs custom cabinets too. Every single custom cabinet design project was perfect. Not a single fit issue. Pretty amazing when one considers cabinets are like jigsaw puzzles. So many pieces!

Our Handyman ExpressTM program is another Specialty Service. This is a retainer program where we commit a minimum of 1 hour per quarter for the handyman to be at your home. This one hour is intended for maintenance like:

  • Clearing clogged drains (especially hair in drains)
  • Changing smoke alarms and/or batteries
  • Changing batteries in keyless entries
  • Changing light bulbs that require a tall ladder
  • Replacing switches, outlets and dimmers
  • Replacing or tightening faucets, angle stops
  • Installing TV’s or ceiling fans (may take more than an hour)
  • Cleaning out dryer vents
  • Picking up boxes or other trash
  • Picking up items for donation
  • Clean faucet aerators and shower heads (hard water!)
  • Installing keyless entries
  • Assemble small pieces of furnitureExecutive Errands®

This list too goes on and on, but you get the idea.

All homes experience these issues and more. And of course, if the hour goes over, we reconcile it like we do for our other retainer accounts. Or when one of our Handyman ExpressTM clients needs a larger task done, we will quote it and they will receive priority scheduling.

Executive Errands® offers all sorts of remodeling services and Project Management oversight!

Budgets, schedules, proposals, change orders, finances, dovetailing of tasks, problem solving, spreadsheets, scope definition and deliverables.... Who wouldn’t love Project Management?!?

Every year beginning the first of the year we start receiving requests for summer projects. January is the perfect time for property walks and since scope definition can take some time it’s nice to have that buffer before June, when everyone wants their project to start.

We limit our remodeling efforts to more aesthetic endeavors. We don’t want to do room additions or elevation changes, but we do offer the following:

  • Kitchen redesign
  • Bathroom redesigns
  • Flooring (tile and carpet)
  • Window and door replacements including sliders
  • Plumbing re-pipes
  • Patio redesign
  • Addition of tankless water heaters, whole house softener systems and water monitoring systems
  • New heating and air conditioning systems
  • Backsplashes and countertops
  • Drywall and Paint, paint and more paint
  • Custom cabinets and/or refacing
  • Pool remodeling or build from scratch
  • Pavers
  • Re-roofs
  • Fireplace replacements
  • Plumbing and electrical including Lutron
  • Whole home surveillance systems
  • Every kind of AV work including adding Sonos
  • Post flood reconstruction
  • Landscape remodels

This list goes on and on too.

Because most clients prefer their projects to start and complete while they are away for the summer, we limit the number of large projects we accept each year. Scope definition and signed contracts must be in place by the first of May so long lead materials may be ordered.

If you too have an idea for a summer project (or for a project at any time of the year)– give us a Call 760.898.9604 to schedule a property walk. It’s never too soon. Or you can email info@executive-errands.com

As Executive Errands® grows, we have all sorts of other new Specialty Services in mind but if there is something you’d like us to consider offering, please send your idea along. We have always allowed our clients to take this company in new and exciting directions. And we have no intention of stopping!