Meet the Executive Errands® Founder:

It takes a village, as they say, and that is the case for Executive Errands®. Yes, we make it look easy and we strive to make every client feel like our only client but it does take a team.


About Our Founder

Meet Leslie Spoor, the visionary founder behind Executive Errands®, a premier provider of personalized support and home management services in the Coachella Valley. With a passion for efficiency and a commitment to excellence, Leslie has dedicated her career to helping clients reclaim their time and streamline their lives.

Executive Errands® was born from Leslie's deep understanding of the challenges busy professionals face in balancing work, family, and personal responsibilities. Drawing from her own experiences and a keen insight into the needs of modern lifestyles, Leslie envisioned a service that would not only alleviate the burden of daily tasks but also elevate the quality of life for her clients.

As a seasoned entrepreneur with almost 50 years of experience in production planning, product management, Operations management, and corporate culture, Leslie brings a wealth of expertise to Executive Errands®. She understands that every client is unique, and her approach is always tailored to meet individual needs with precision and care.

At Executive Errands®, our goal is simple yet profound: to provide high-quality personal support and home management services that empower our clients to focus on what matters most to them. Whether it's running errands, managing household tasks, or organizing important events, our dedicated team is here to handle the details, so our clients can enjoy more time for the things they love.

With a commitment to professionalism, reliability, and discretion, Executive Errands® has earned a reputation for excellence in the industry. Leslie's personal touch and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction set the company apart, making Executive Errands® the trusted choice for busy professionals and discerning individuals alike.

Ready to experience the difference Executive Errands® can make in your life? Contact us today to learn more about our services and start reclaiming your time with confidence.

Client Testimonial

  • "I cannot speak highly enough of Leslie & Executive Errands®. As a condo owner, agent, and property manager, the unpredictability of rental properties often leads to last-minute demands and unexpected issues. However, with Executive Errands®, what could be chaos becomes seamless.

    Their ability to leap into action when urgent tasks or unforeseen problems arise is unmatched. It is rare to find unwavering calmness amidst what could be stressful situations. Whether it's an immediate fix needed at my own property or an unforeseen demand from a tenant, they tackle it as if it's just another day at the office.

    A standout instance was when a client urgently needed outdoor furniture moved indoors before a destructive tropical storm hit. Not only did EE accommodate this last-minute request, but they did so swiftly and efficiently, preventing potential damage. It's this kind of action that sets them Apart.

    What's equally impressive is their network of competent and fair vendors. Their handyman was able to get right out the same day or next for non-emergency issues; EE coordinated it all directly with the tenant so it was at their convenience, yet kept me in the loop and let me know once all was complete.

    Executive Errands® doesn't just manage properties and issues; they mitigate stress. Their ability to navigate unexpected scenarios with grace and competence is invaluable. If you're seeking a team that turns emergencies into non-issues and handles everything with ease, look no further than here."

    Thank you, Leslie and team! ~Lauren B