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Each month Executive Errands publishes an e-newsletter and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Here is a excerpt of an April 2008 e-newsletter and some of our reader feedback about all our e-newsletters is below:

Have you ever taken a huge chance? You know what I mean. Where you go so far out on a limb for something, the branch is bent precariously over and you're standing there, arms outstretched like a tightrope walker, holding your breath and praying the branch will hold? Yes, that's a very scary feeling, but when that branch springs up and you're able to tiptoe back toward the trunk, isn't it rewarding?

Ok, so there's always the risk the branch will launch you into the stratosphere, tossing you end for end until you land, bruised and battered in a lump on the ground (and believe me, it happens occasionally) but most of the time the branch holds. And when it does, the fear was well worth it. One of the single most terrifying experiences is to decide, midlife, to change careers. When we quit our day job and give up the security of a regular paycheck for a chance to build something extraordinary, there are a myriad of things to fear, not the least of which is whether we have what it takes to be successful. That's when the branch is stretched to its limit....(read more in our archive)

"WOW! I always am excited when your monthly newsletter appears in my inbox. You are an inspiration. Your information is practical, smart, encouraging. Most of all it inspires me, and I am certain others, to live in the present moment, with the people we are presently with, attentive to whatever we are doing in this moment."
-Dick, Indian Wells

"GREAT newsletter I read it all and found it inspiring, helpful, and interesting. :) Go, Girl!"
-Vicki, Palm Desert

"Once again you have knocked one out of the park!  I really enjoy the journey of walking thru the messages in your e-Newsletters"
-Robert, Cathedral City

"I don't know how you keep doing it, but another great newsletter… Thanks for keeping me in the loop..."
-Fran, La Quinta

"Great E-newsletter! This is one of the best E-newsletters that I have ever seen!"
-Darren, Rancho Mirage

"..Your e-[newsletter] always has something of value. Spam worth getting!"
-Mike, Palm Desert

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