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Monthly Plans

Hours are billed in 15 minute increments. Monthly minimums for subscribers (retainer accounts) are billed in advance and hours in excess of the monthly minimum are reconciled at the end of the month. Hourly rates for excess hours are equal to your plan rates (subscriber) or $95/hr (non-subscriber). Non-retainer accounts require a four (4) hour minimum initial commitment and accounts are automatically refilled when they reach 0.5 hr or less. Both account types require a minimal account setup fee.
  • Dedicated Personal Concierge
  • Free consultation to determine individual service requirements
  • Worry-free service - once your Personal Concierge package is defined, you can rest assured that all services will be performed on schedule, with quality and attention to detail
  • Customized scheduling - For example, all package hours can be spread across the month in any manner that works for you. All in one day or one hour per week or a half hour twice a week - whatever works best as coordinated between you and your Personal Concierge. Your service, your needs, your choice!
Service Package Min Hrs Mo Subscriber Rate Services
Need a Little Help 2 $190/month As Defined by Customer
Rental Support Services 1 $95/month As Defined by Customer
Essential Elements 1 $125/month Software License

Special Packages

Service Package Hours Subscriber Rate Services
Corporate Plans TBD Call for Quote Multiple Programs
Non Mbr - 4hr block 4 $380 As Defined by Customer
Gift Certs Defined by Cust $95/hr 2 hr minimum
Managed Community Amenity TBD Call for Quote Customized Programs
Non Member Rate 1 $95/hr As Defined by Customer
Hotel/Motel On Call TBD Call for Quote Customized Programs

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