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Studies have shown that up to 20% of a company's workforce will be distracted by personal matters which will interrupt the efficiency of their workflow and subsequently their productivity. Companies who offer subsidized (in whole or in part) Concierge Service Programs for their employees and customers should reap the following rewards:

  • They attract workers in an economy where good employees are hard to find. The best and brightest employees are going to be attracted to employers that show a strong and distinctive commitment to quality of life issues.
  • A less stressed worker is a better worker. Providing time-saving services to employees is essential to helping them leverage their time in the office more efficiently and effectively.
  • A happy worker is a loyal worker. Companies who reduce employee turnover rates by just 5% lower operational costs by 10% and improve worker productivity by a significant 65%
  • Customer appreciation gifts increase customer satisfaction, boost word of mouth referrals, reinforce the client/provider relationship and build a lifelong bond.

Executive Errands® is the perfect amenity to add to your HR benefits package and we have programs that you can implement for little to no cost to the company. Contact us now to find out how your company can take advantage of these unique benefits!

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