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After working all over the country for ten years as a consultant in the Aerospace and Defense industry, Ms. Leslie Spoor, CCS decided to stop traveling and start her own company. The question "What kind of company?" kept her pondering options for several months until finally, in October 2006 she decided to leave the manufacturing industry and enter the service industry by helping to make other people's lives easier.

Leslie created Executive Errands® because she would have utilized this type of service during her years traveling, when at-home time was limited and at a coveted premium. In researching the Lifestyle Management industry, Leslie discovered it was an industry on the rise. According to a 2006 edition of Entrepreneur magazine, Lifestyle Management and Concierge services were one of the top ten industries to watch. The article predicted an average yearly growth of 25%+; not only for 2006, but for the foreseeable future and that has been our experience with Executive Errands®. As companies tighten up, ‘right size’ and/or heap additional work responsibilities on their employees, so too have those employees sought alternatives to maintain some type of work/life balance.

Since creating Executive Errands®, Leslie has become a Certified Concierge Specialist (CCS); earned the 2012 Concierge Member of the Year award from the International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Association and served on the ICLMA Board of Directors 2013-2015.

Our Corporate Vision: To improve the quality of life for others by giving back time that may be used for more important activities – family, faith, community.

Our Corporate Mission: To be the leader and premier provider of individual and corporate services and organizational duties and to deliver them in a professional, caring and prompt manner.

Our Corporate Values: We are dedicated to putting the needs of our Customers first, adhering to the strictest ethical standards and shall strive to build long lasting relationships based on quality and integrity.

President's Message:

In 2006 we founded Executive Errands® on the principle of providing high quality services that would help to free up other’s lives. Initially we set out to provide absentee home check services for our part-time homeowners and expected we would also provide housekeeping, window cleaning and other minor maintenance services.

Even though absentee home checks are the #1 requested service in our Lifestyle Management Services suite, Executive Errands® has turned out to be so much more than that!

As our client base grows, so do the services we offer. In fact, our clients are constantly guiding us into new and exciting directions simply through their requests.

Engaging an Executive Errands® Concierge is like having a personal assistant available whenever you need one. A Concierge will be assigned to you, so you can work with the same person every time. It’s amazing how liberating it is even if you only delegate tasks equivalent to a few hours each week! But don’t think you have to commit to a certain number of hours each week. We offer a variety of programs that are tailored for your lifestyle and your budget.

We are YOU when you’re too busy or when you can’t be here – we offer true Lifestyle Management Services. These days it can take a village to manage our lives. Executive Errands® is a one-phone-call village.

Executive Errands® maintains a California General B contractor’s license so we are able to quote or facilitate any type of home maintenance service, big or small. All our subcontract service providers are properly licensed and insured for their particular trade and they all name us additionally insured so you can be confident when utilizing our services.

When you need Concierge services, our employees are available at your convenience. We comply with all Local, State and Federal requirements and we carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance as required by law. Your Executive Errands® Concierge performs absentee home checks, runs errands, facilitate services, provides personalized assistance and does everything they can to enhance your living experience here in the desert.

Most importantly, we offer full transparency for our clients. We utilize a proprietary software system to automate nearly all of our administrative tasks which means our records are impeccable and each client has their own access to view time logged and home check inspections performed. No matter where you are in the world, if you have internet access, you can stay informed about the status at your home or account here in the desert.

When you call us, our goal is to say 'yes' to whatever you need and whatever we can do to help simplify your life. You can feel at ease and leave us your keys!

Thank you for visiting our website – we look forward to working with you. Please feel free to email with suggestions, questions or comments. We're here for you and your feedback, testimonials and referrals are valuable to us.

Leslie Spoor,

President and CEO, Executive Errands

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